Price and Specifications Acer Liquid Z2


Acer Liquid Z2 Price and Specifications Acer Liquid Z2Price and Specifications Acer Liquid Z2. Acer as one smartphone manufacturer is quite a name thanks to product quality as a business notebook inaugural re-introduce the latest mobile phone in the ranks of the Liquid series, which certainly will be based on the Android operating system, namely Acer Liquid Z2 with some of the major advantages that will steal consumers to buy the support Android Jelly Bean, dual core processor, online internet connection with 3G speeds, a full connectivity features pretty reliable and the most interesting is the sale price at only about 1 million alone, of course, would be friendly with pockets, curious?

Here Price and Specifications Acer Liquid Z2

The following are details of the specifications of Acer Liquid Z2, For photography features obtained information about the specifications of the main camera to be used, according to news circulating current digital camera will be used as the primary tool to capture the moment in the form of video footage and digital photos will have a resolution of between 3 and 5 megapixels. There is no secondary camera or front camera. For internal storage available on Acer Liquid Z2 space of 4 GB that if later it is still not be added with microSD external memory up to a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

the viewer visually and input is pinning its main handphone touch screen measuring 3.5 inch wide enough that a responsive capacitive type with a sweep of a finger, and supports multitouch technology to allow users to browse any internet pages online as well as the ease of navigation and game play. For maximum results display resolution used is quite high compared to rival compatriot Samsung Galaxy on sale with a price of $100 which is HVGA 320×480 pixels. For data processing and command sectors Acer Liquid comes with a processor Z2, speed of 1 GHZ dual core processor coupled with 512 MB RAM capacity as the main engine of the latest version of the Android operating system that is Jelly Bean.

In making plans Acer Liquid Z2 will be attended, with the two versions of the single SIM and Dual SIM but still have an internet connection with a speed of 3G for the convenience of users in a virtual world or simply browse the online social networking site, not to mention Wi-Fi technology as an alternative means of internet connection which can be utilized when my friend was in Mobile News hotspot. Some other specifications of embedded connectivity in order to optimize the performance of the Acer Liquid Z2 is a 3.5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth, micro USB data cable, GPS, and to trust in the power supply with a capacity of 1300 mAh battery. The first marketing plan of Acer Liquid Z2 will start from mainland Europe which includes France,  Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, England, Russia and Ukraine with a price range that is affordable and still about $100 only where single SIM version on sale at $132 and dual SIM with price USD172.

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