Lenovo S750, Android Jelly Bean QuadCore Phone with GSM & WCDMA Networks


Lenovo S750 Lenovo S750, Android Jelly Bean QuadCore Phone with GSM & WCDMA NetworksLenovo S750, Android Jelly Bean QuadCore Phone with GSM & WCDMA Networks. Lenovo is a vendor who had been focusing on laptops products since 2012 has followed the debut of several prominent vendors to compete to make smartphones, judging by the success in the realm of smartphones make it always wants to innovate again and again, this time will be introduced a new smartphone that will soon be introduced to the public. This new device using the Android base, especially if not Lenovo S750 is proof right after some data can be seen in the documents Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center of MIIT in China.

On the data recorded in the document mentions that the device will use a quad-core processor that has a speed of 1.2GHz. Models of processor used is derived from MediaTek MT6589 processor. There is no information suggesting additional RAM, but will likely use a 1GB RAM.

To screen Lenovo S750 will use 4.5-inch width. This screen has a TFT type LCD with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. It will make it more interesting that you can taste the Jelly Bean Android 4.2.1 on the device and also the first out of the box that was released by Lenovo to the surface.

Body dimensions is presented is 134.4 × 70.3 × 10:55 (mm) that weighs about 154.9 grams, which is pretty light. At the back you can enjoy features such as snap-snap 8MP camera as well as on the back of the camera has a VGA resolution. In addition, there are many other features that are quite entertaining form of FM Radio, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and USB. Yan network will be carried by this device is GSM and WCDMA. As regards the price of Lenovo S750 has not been established.

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