Samsung Galaxy Centura Reviews


Samsung Galaxy Centura Samsung Galaxy Centura ReviewsSamsung Galaxy Centura will be a new phone from Samsung with low price, this sure will more user desirable who android lovers. Although the specifications of the Galaxy Centura is not very significant difference to the general phone. Samsung really aggressive, secretly South Korean manufacturer is releasing cheap Android smartphone aimed at the entry level market through Centura Galaxy series. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Centura is carrying a mediocre specification because it is targeting the market of cheap smartphones.

In term of processor, Samsung Galaxy Centura will equipped single-core with CPU 800 Mhz, that’s mean Samsung Galaxy Centura not too fast in processing because this phone in low price level. But when compared to general products which has a very minimal RAM, this phone has pinned memory of RAM only¬† 512MB.

About Screen, Samsung Galaxy Centura has screen 3 inch with resolution HVGA 320×480 pixel. Although small but Samsung gift multytouch support for this phone, it is 2 fingers to use the touch screen’s sensitivity. In addition the camera also pretty slick, one the main camera 3 MP, but unfortunately not equipped with a front camera for video call needs.

Samsung Galaxy Centura also equipped with internal memory 4GB and can be upgrading up to 32 GB. Unfortunately, this phone will run the Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich, but is likely to get the last update Jelly Bean later.

This phone estimate will realese in Juny 2013 and until today unknown price, but if we look the spesification, may the price of Samsung Galaxy Centura will priced about $100. Because this phone reserved for middle class or lowest.

7 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Centura Reviews

  1. abdu says:

    can i get skpye and facbook as well as viber on samsung Galaxy centura

  2. dc says:

    Is this phone better than the galaxy proclaim? That was the worst phone I have ever had. Died in 6 months.

  3. Mark says:

    I had a proclaim for almost 1 yr and mine works great, I had three centura all three I had was a lemon, lost time, by 7 hrs 2 times Day.

  4. John says:

    Have can I get the voice command to work while text messaging?

  5. leo says:

    Why can’t I watch videos on Facebook? With my centura?

  6. leo benway says:

    Why can’t I watch videos on Facebook with my centura? It says unknown error…

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