Lenovo A390 Reviews


lenovo a390 Lenovo A390 ReviewsLenovo A390 Reviews. Smartphone market with sophisticated system increasingly get consumers. Moreover with affordable prices, the trend is rapidly growing. Opportunity was a direct response by manufacturers from China, Lenovo. Where recently they have successfully launched a smart phone with the goal of low-end segment, named lenovo-a390. In other words, the smartphone Lenovo A390 is a includes entry-level smartphone.

Although classified as lower-class smart phone, specs has carries can not be underestimated. Advantage on this phone is for the Performance sector. How not, the processor is applied is a dual-core processor MTK6577 series with 1GHz speed . Supported by RAM capacity of 512 MB​​, the performance of the phone was not in doubt.

In the Performance sector system, the software embedded in Lenovo A390 is the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). With the 4 GB of internal memory, an interesting interface will be more powerful, cause the capacity of a large memory capacity. In addition, the design was good also.

The front of the Lenovo A390, Lenovo put the glass expanse with a 4 inch touch screen feature. While the resolution is presented is 480 x 800 pixels. In the back, the phone has a 5 MP camera and powered durable battery 1500mAh. But unfortunately, the front camera is not pinned. Despite the lack of it, lenovo-a390 remains a special concern due to the presence of dual sim feature.

About the price, it is still not known. But as we said earlier that the phone is quite lower segment. So the estimated price is $100. Regarding availability, yet also get a bright spot. For the consumers who are found for affordable smartphones are required to wait patiently this Lenovo A390.

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